Bringing the Beach to the Bedroom

Let’s face it: winter in Toronto is dreary as f*ck. With few hours of sunlight and chill-you-to-the-bone winds, the opportunity to escape to the warmth and sunshine is a necessity for many locals.  Even with all the charm of a bustling big city, sometimes all you crave is a few days to slip into Airplane mode, mimosa in hand, and the smell of sunscreen. As someone who suffers from SAD (seasonal affective disorder), I wanted to find a way to bring the feeling of summer into our home year round. The bedroom is the first place you see when you wake up and the last when you fall asleep, so I figured this was the best place to do it! If you’re a fellow beach babe at heart or just love the look of an airy, neutral space, this guide will help you put together a sand and sea inspired abode for yourself. (Mentally) PACK YOUR BAGS!

1. Snag a driftwood-inspired headboard.

My favourite part about this Acacia wood Structube bed is that every one is slightly different, since the headboard is a slab of live-edge wood. The warm tone of this piece offers a bold contrast in a white room with neutral bedding, and brings such a beautiful, natural element to any space.

2. Bring on the beach tones.

There’s nothing quite like digging your toes into the sand, so here’s a much less messy, indoor friendly option. This thick, woven Article rug provides warmth for those cold winter feet with a neutral colour mimicking that of your favourite Caribbean beach escape.

3. Here comes the sun!

IMHO, this rattan lampshade is one of IKEA’s best products to date. Not only does it manage to embody the perfect combination of modern/beach shack vibes, but is basically the closest thing to hanging actual sunshine you can get. The open weave let’s tons of light shine through, which is perfect for those grey days. Oh, and it’s $99.

4. No palms? No problem.

Amazon is a goldmine for these (and these!) macrame plant hangers. Since tropical plants need TONS of sun to survive, low maintenance greenery like Pothos are a great option. Hang these on either side of your bed or by the window to save floor space – if you squint and use your imagination, it’s basically like looking up at a palm tree.

5. Out of office.

One of the best parts about beach vacations is switching on Airplane Mode and zoning out with your latest Goodreads recco (or a trashy mag, no judgment here. Do you!). Pair it with a pouf, put your feet up and BOOM – the perfect at home reading nook thanks to this Article chair. Cozy but minimal enough to fit in almost any space; a huge plus. Although rattan furniture can run the risk of feeling 90’s cottage-eqsue, the modern shape of this piece is reminiscent of a boutique Baja California oceanfront inn.

6. Turn down service: check.

Linen is the ultimate material when it comes to luxury bedding, with a natural feel that only gets better with age. This H&M set comes in a variety of colours, my two favourites being the oatmeal shown above and a classic crisp white. The envelope closure pillowcases provide a clean, hotel bed look as opposed to the open ended standard shape sold by most brands.

7. Exit through the gift shop.

One of the best parts of travelling is discovering the work of local artisans. Incorporating some of your favourite beach vacation finds serves as a reminder of sunnier times, and adds a personal touch. If you’re short on suitcase space, you can always source beach inspired accessories online, like this Ikat print throw from Etsy (bonus – this can serve as a beach blanket for your next seaside picnic!).

8. A room with a view.

There’s nothing quite like waking up to the sound of crashing waves. In this case, your next best option is probably a white noise machine, but at least you can fake an ocean view! Society6 offers HUNDREDS of photos that brings the beach vibes home, in sizes up to 24×36”. This multi hued print by photographer Ingrid Beddoes provides a welcome pop of colour and a beautiful arial view.

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