Currently Coveting: Hand Painted Pots

I’m a sucker for anything handmade. As someone whose attempted to DIY everything from leather sandals to macrame wall hangings, I appreciate the skill and time it takes to create something one of a kind. I’ve rounded up my favourite hand-painted pots that are sure to strike up a conversation from any guest in your home. Do you know an artist who makes amazing little homes for plants that you think should be included here? Comment below!

From left to right, top to bottom:



The Object Enthusiast Rainbow Planter, $291

Wexler Pot via Popp & Scott, $148



Arc and Family Big Chief Terracotta Pot, $73

Chic & Basta Confetti Vase, $69 (made in Montreal!)

Tanya Doody Ceramics Large Handmade Hanging Planter via Etsy, $60



Chic & Basta Pastel Colours Small Pot, $38

Urban Jungle Design Flower Power Pot, $25 (made in Toronto!)

Anthropologie Bismark Garden Pot, $20

All prices in Canadian dollars.
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